Orange in bloom

When you’re painting you mix red and yellow to make orange. Orange flowers always make me think of nature as an artist.Begonia orange flower

Orange Begonia flowers.

petals orange Begonia flower

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”

Wassily Kandinsky (Russian painter and art theorist)

Orange Crocosmia

Crocosmia flowers.

In my view a patio or a table or a garden border just seems happier with orange flowers.

“Orange is the happiest color.”

Frank Sinatra

orange chrysanthemumEven when the clouds are grey, petals infused with yellow, orange and red seem to brighten the outdoors. Like big smiles in the garden.

Chrysanthemum orange flowers


Orange Chrysanthemum flowers

My garden is infused with this sizzling colour, thanks to these trailing Begonias in a flower basket, Crocosmia along the borders and a large flower pot with Chrysanthemums. I chose the Chrysanthemums to make sure I had orange blooms through the late summer and autumn. And, of course, I love taking photos of orange flowers as they just put me in a good mood.

20 thoughts on “Orange in bloom”

  1. Ooh lovely selection of orange images. They do brighten up a border. I love your crocomasia image – so dreamy 🙂 We have some in our garden, and they are one of my faves. #hdygg

  2. I love the crocosmia flowers especially, so pretty. Orange is such a happy colour – and the perfect colour to slide into Autumn with – soon it’ll be the leaves on the trees turning that colour!
    Thanks for joining in again 🙂

  3. Your photos are stunning again this week Kriss! and that Crocosmia is breath taking, I love them and had loads in my garden in England but I think it’s sadly too cold for them over here. I have orange tiger lilies too so there is rarely time when I don’t have orange in my garden, you are right orange does make me happy 😀

  4. So much lovely colour. I also have the yellowy coloured Begonias – so pretty and I like how red creeps in round the edges of the petals.

  5. Victoria @ Southbourne Gardens

    Orange has been a bit out of fashion but I love it’s cheerfulness especially in the chrysanths.

    1. Apparently there are no orange wild flowers which – for me – shows that nature really has had to bring out the palette.

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