North Carolina Black Bear

North Carolina Black Bear faceHow did I get so close to this black bear? In August last year we went on a road trip from the Northeast to the Southeast of the USA and stopped on the way at Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Appalachians.  The clouds had fallen down from the sky that day so we drove through swirling fog up the mountain.  Part way up we parked the car and walked to a viewing platforms for one of its environmental habitats.

All was quiet then suddenly black bears slowly began appearing in the mist.

According to the North Carolina’s Wildlife commission, black bears are now found in 60% of the state’s land areas.  On Grandfather Mountain my children could observe them in their native setting without worrying about clapping loudly and making a lot of noise to scare them off. No…we were completely silent as we watched these beautiful creatures wander near us.

I wrote about our trip to and close encounters in Grandfather Mountain last summer. And captured a shot of one of the black bears in the mist which you can view here – as well as used another shot for my post on how to draw a bear thinking.


12 thoughts on “North Carolina Black Bear”

  1. OMG Kriss!That has absolutely blown me away and your bear in the mist photo is equally amazing.
    We regularly camp in bear territory and haven’t been fortunate enough to see one yet although I know I will be over the moon and completely terrified simultaneously .

  2. Wow, amazing to have been so close to black bears. I can just imagine watching them walk out of the cloud, fabulous. I remember your posts from last year, the Blue Ridge Mountains are still on my list of places I want to visit 🙂

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