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why does a pony roll?


pony rolling over side

Why does a pony roll? My daughter asked me.

She just had her first riding lesson. The pony she had ridden had been untacked and let free in a field with other ponies.  Soon we watched Smartie rolling from side to side on the ground.

Not surprising, I explained, as the pony might have felt sweaty after the saddle was taken off. It’s a normal behavior of horses and ponies whether after grooming, a bath or a sweaty ride.  Perhaps the pony had an itch or wanted to dry her sweaty coat or just roll for sheer pleasure. Sometimes horses roll in order to get a layer of dirt or dust on their coat to repel insects.  Wild horses are known to frequently roll whether for social or grooming reasons.

12 thoughts on “Pony roll”

  1. I’ve never seen a pony roll! When little T is old enough, we’re thinking of giving her some riding lessons too… that is, only if she’s interested! 🙂 #alphabetphoto.

  2. I’ve never seen ponies do this before Kriss, what an incredible sight! Well done for getting in camera though. Brilliant photos. Running a bit behind at the moment but I’ll be back #alphabetphoto

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