Rhododendron Feast

Rhododendron mature flowering shrubs

Last weekend we were at a barbecue at friends here in West Sussex. I had a rhododendron feast. Part of their garden was planted a hundred years ago and contains voluptuous mature shrubs covered with every hue of rhododendron flowers. In ancient woodlands these non native invasive plants are considered the Beast. But in a garden they are definitely Beauty. It was simply stunning to quietly wander down the different paths lined with rhododendron flowers and admire all the different shades of colour. Here are just a few that I admired.Rhododendrons white with deep purpleRhododendrons petals on groundRhododendrons yellowRhododendrons whiteRhododendrons orangeRhododendrons deep purpleRhododendrons pink and fallen petalsRhododendrons orangy red

4 thoughts on “Rhododendron Feast”

  1. I have a love hate relationship with rhodies – I love their over the top flowers and mad colours but as a conservationist I spent many a day trying to remove these competitive non native plants. If ony they could just be in gardens. #HDYGG

    1. I must say I was rather overblown by their beauty when I wandered amongst the rhododendrons in this garden. A perfect setting for them unlike wild woods.

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