Rock Walk Wakehurst

At first glance you might think this is just some rocks, but if you look closely it’s actually a tree intertwined with the rocks. It’s part of the ‘Rock Walk’ at Wakehurst Place – the country estate of Kew, the Royal Botanical Gardens. For just over a kilometre you can walk past a series of outcrops forming small cliffs made of Ardingly Sandstone. Yew, oak and beech trees grow along these clifftops. Their muscular roots, like here, grasping the stone.

To me there was something both quite amazing and eery about this particular spot. The rocks on the right of the tree roots look like masks. I almost expected the scene to come alive with the tree suddenly walking and voices coming from these rock faces. My kids were naturally drawn to the cave that had formed under the toes of these roots.

3 thoughts on “Rock walk”

  1. That’s just an incredible photo, the rocks and that tree… nature is amazing! And, the black and white brings out the fabulous textures. Thanks for the nomination and the kind words, I have finally started today 🙂

  2. How amazing is that tree?! Looks like it’s something out of Lord of the Rings, so beautiful and in black and white it’s even more fascinating having to look really closely to work out what is what.

  3. wonderful image, somehow reminds me how powerful nature is. I’m also sure I can see a face in those rocks on the right! Thanks again for joining x

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