September – Bringing the outdoors inside

My garden and next door fieldI’ve noticed the passing seasons by what I gather and cut outdoors to bring inside. It’s only early September but I can see, smell, hear, feel and taste the change. Despite a lingering sadness in me that I have to say goodbye to summer and the swallows who sang to me every morning outside my window, I’m becoming invigorated by the arrival of a new season.

What really made me realise that the change of season has its benefits was gathering flowers, berries and plants from my garden and the border hedgerows to bring indoors.

Harvesting grain from fieldSeptember hawk soaring above treelineTractor with grain in woodsIn a nearby field I could hear the sound of tractors and a combine harvester while hawks soared and mewed in the sky above. I briefly went into the woods and had to give way to a tractor bringing grain freshly cut from a field.

September deer running across fieldBird in hedgerowWhen I went to check the ripening of sloes and wild damsons in the hedgerow, deer fled. Birds kept fluttering out of the hedgerows unless I stood silently and waited.

September nature and flowers on garden tableSoon my basket was overflowing with flowers and berries and plants from the garden and the hedgerows. I emptied it on a garden bench and table and soon easily refilled it.

Roses flowers artichokes on garden benchSeptember roses hawths berries and dried seed podsSeptember daisies anemones lavender roses honeysuckleMany of our roses were having new blooms for September. Lavender needed to be brought in and dried. More blackberries picked to be frozen for Autumn crumbles (and definitely another dessert fool). Dried seed pods to be saved for the spring. Even poisonous berries to be admired but only in decorations. Maybe it was time to make another bottle of wild rosehip cordial to add to ice cream and lemonade as well as seep wild plums in vodka and gin to sip before the spring.

And so I brought flowers and nature treasures inside to make arrangements in vases and to store for future recipes. As I looked at the early September bounty which captured the mood of the new season, I felt ready to embrace the changes ahead.

12 thoughts on “September – Bringing the outdoors inside”

  1. We had house martins nesting in the apex above our bedroom window last year – I missed their chatter in the morning when they left. You’ve collected some lovely things to bring indoors.

  2. I do love your flower arrangements. Autumn has snook over to France too – the swallows left this week and the hedgerows are full of blackberries and sloes. The wheat is all harvested but the sweetcorn and sugar beet for animal feed is still in the fields. The colours of the countryside are changing and whilst I am always a touch sad to bid summer farewell, I love all that autumn brings.

  3. I went and made my myself a cup of tea before I opened your post as I knew it was one I would want to savour, and I was right. Now that my three are all in school, these are the sort of mornings I want to allow myself. Time to just wander and enjoy everything around me, to notice it more, breathe it in. This is such a beautiful post, and the photos are gorgeous. I love autumn, and although I have really enjoyed our long, hot summer, I am just about ready for the change in season. Thank you so much for sharing this with #ThePrompt x

  4. What splendid harvest to celebrate the changing season. Magnificent photographs too! Thank you for reminding me to look around me at the flowers and berries as autumn sets in.

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