Siblings – Twins – April

running sandpit

Luce and Theo called it the secret of the sandpit. A place of their own.

sand angels

Like a private beach with no water but a perfect setting for sand angels.

sandpit rocks shells

But they saw different treasures within it. Theo searched for rocks. Luce wanted a beautiful shell.

luce theo backs

As twins they always have each other’s company but they like to do their own thing. Yet Luce and Theo have each other’s backs.

luce theo sandpit sitting standing

luce theo rock shell

They made me promise to bring them back to this hidden sandpit. Alone because it was ‘theirs.’

luce theo running

luce theo path treasures

When we left, Theo’s pockets and hands were filled with rocks. Luce had found her shell. I realised that the secret of the sandpit – for me –  is that Luce and Theo like to share their space but also be individuals within it.

18 thoughts on “Siblings – Twins – April”

  1. Oh what a gorgeous secret place – I remember finding special hidey holes as a child and firmly believing that no one else would ever know about them because they were ours; it’s a lovely thing to have a special place, and even better to share it!

  2. That sounds like the perfect brother/sister relationship … content to be apart but taking care of each other. That looks like an amazing place to explore. I loved the beach as a child but only had a dog to share it with until my brothers were born quite a few years later.

  3. What a stunning location and amazing photos of your two little ones. I love that they have their secret sand place to play!!! Beautiful #what’sthestory

  4. Oh my Kriss what an awesome place to play, its just beautiful. Wonderful words too surrounding those fabulous photos of yours. That last one with Theo rock hoarding made me laugh! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  5. this is beautiful Kriss its so poignant for me as being a twin some tend to forget our individuality (not our parents) i love reading about Luce and Theo’s differences 🙂

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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