Siblings – Twins 1 / 15

Luce and Theo are fraternal twins. For seven years they’ve been in each other’s footsteps. Before that we’d watch them (I was scanned every fortnight) dancing together or kicking each other. Despite constantly being a pair they are strong individuals. I took photos this month of them standing next to each other in front of a peeling old garage door. I smiled inwardly as their two distinct personalities shone through despite sharing the same backdrop and hearing the same instructions.

Luce was calm and smiling while Theo began to make a series of faces when the photography session began.luce and theo expressions

Luce smiling Theo shouting

Act cool I told them.

Luce and Theo being cool

Look like you’re dreaming about something. Theo planned to rule the world while Luce imagined herself in a room with a million books (or so they informed me later).

Luce and Theo dreaming

Simply laughing together as they both decided maybe this was fun.

Luce and Theo laughing

Luce and Theo didn’t leap the same. He threw himself noisily and with abandon while she gazed at me steadily and quietly.Twins leaping

Luce and Theo leapingBut there was also some mischief.Luce behind TheoSame mid-air postures but different expressions.Luce and Theo knees upLuce and Theo flyingLuce and Theo back on groundThen finally Luce and Theo landed and their laughter echoed against the garage doors. Mirroring each other but definitely not the same reflections.

16 thoughts on “Siblings – Twins 1 / 15”

  1. Fabulous photos of Luce and Theo, I think it’s great that they have such different personalities. My twin daughters look similar but are poles apart when it comes to attitude and outlook on life. Enjoy your two while they’re still so adorable – they grow up much too fast.

  2. Oh I absolutely love these, both as individual images and as a collection. They are just so full of fun and, as you say, really show off their different personalities. They are just fab!!!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us, it feels like a little glimpse into the future to get to see older brothers and sisters having fun together like this. x

  3. What a gorgeous pair!! I particularly like their ‘cool’ shot — and wow, can’t you just see their differing personalities in these pics??!! Amazing.

    My frat twins are just 22 months old, so quite a bit of growing to do yet but already — like yours — they have incredibly different personas. It’s enchanting to see, that even though they come as a pair, they’re also individuals.

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