Siblings – Twins 3 /15

Luce and Theo on walk together

Luce and Theo love going on walks together. Of course, I’m always trailing behind them as they make up adventures or look for trees to climb when we’re in the woods. At the end of this wood walk Theo saw a bench to rest on overlooking a pond. Luce joined him. Until I reached the bench¬†they were sitting close together quietly talking to each other.

Theo on bench

Luce and Theo on bench from behind

Oh, it’s you with your camera. Here’s the quick pose now let us return to our secret whispers together.

Luce and Theo on bench looking at meLuce and Theo on bench grinning

What were you talking about? I asked them. Grins widened on Luce and Theo’s faces before they burst out laughing.

Luce and Theo on bench laughing

I might be able to join them on their walks together, but Luce and Theo have their tales and secrets that they share together as twins and siblings.

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  1. I love the shot of them on the bench taken from behind as they were talking together and the one just after it with the slightly patient “oh ok, we have to pose for a photo” expressions on their faces. They look like they have a lovely close bond ūüôā

  2. I always love your photos of the twins, you seem to catch so much of ‘them’ in each image. I’m always a fan of shots from behind like this, seeing them head off in their own world with each other. Just lovely x #siblings

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