A bird feeder party

In January Luce and Theo helped rebuild and set up a broken bird feeder platform in our garden. We wanted to attract wild birds to our garden especially during the cold weather. Well, they came! Now the platform and the ash tree next to it is rather a social hubbub for birds. Soon a wild pheasant, who we’ve nicknamed Fred, regularly came visiting.

Unfortunately a couple of days ago the squirrels finally noticed that there was a party going on at the bird feeder. I’m trying to convince them they’re not invited with some bad dancing involving loud clapping and flapping of the arms. Meanwhile the Great Spotted Woodpecker has been a no-show so far this week.

So here are some of the visitors who stopped by yesterday.

Chaffinch on branch
Robin on bird feeder
Squirrel on bird feeder
Chaffinch and Great tit
Chaffinch and Great Tit
wild pheasant
Blue tit on bird feeder
Blue Tit
Great tits on feeder
Great Tits
Two magpies under bird feeder
Nuthatch on bird feeder

Whenever Fred sees me come out to refill the bird feeders, he rushes over to join in. He just doesn’t want to miss out on the party! When he first showed up in January he was rather shy and would flee whenever I made an appearance. Now his wallflower instincts are gone and I have to be careful not to step on him.  Theo rather likes the idea of Fred becoming a ‘pet.’ As a consequence I’m continually repeating that he should never ever even contemplate trying to stroke Fred.Pheasant waiting by bird feeder

As you can see it’s rather a party scene at our bird feeder. I’m rather curious who might show up in the next couple of weeks for some spring gatherings.

10 thoughts on “A bird feeder party”

  1. I am so fond of pheasants and rescued one from the pot a few years back. Lovely birds that get a rough time of it. Love the Nuthatch, not a bird I see too often. First year since moving to my home, we actually have lots of birds visiting the garden and I’m so happy about that.

  2. Lots of lovely birds at your feeder and that’s a very handsome pheasant. We’ve seen the blue tits return to our garden over the last couple of weeks and one of them was sussing out the bird box we’ve put on the back of the house. Fingers crossed!

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