Wild flowers on path into woods – Summer

Gate to woodpath with brambles

I’ve started to go on early morning runs now that it’s summer. Except I always bring my camera with me which gives me the excuse to stop –  a lot  – and take photos. One of my favourite parts is a path into woods which is lined with wild flowers.

Brambles are flowering next to it and showing the first signs of blackberries forming.

Bramble flowersGate to wood path

I also want to record what wild flowers appear on this path and by the woods throughout the year. It’s a good way to improve my wild flower identification and see what blooms as the seasons change.  I’ll update my posts too if I need to update any identifications.Yellow wild flowers

Yellow loosestrifecommon ragwort

Common ragwortCommon bird trefoil flowers

Common bird’s foot trefoil

Hedge woundwort and wild flowers

Hedge woundwort (above and below)

At first I thought these were wild orchids but when I edited the photos I realised they looked like woundwort.Hedge woundwort flowersPurple thistle plant

Marsh thistlePurple wild flowers

Tufted VetchPurple wild flowers tufted vetch on wood path

Tufted vetchpurple clover

Red cloverwhite clover

White cloverWildflowers and bindweed

BindweedMeadowsweet from above

Meadowsweet from aboveSunrays on meadowsweet

Meadowsweet lit by sun raysWood path

By the end of the path I’m right inside the woodlands. One duty I have as a mother is to check that the den in the woods built by Luce and Theo is still standing and report to them after my morning run. I thought someone was inside the den with a torch but then saw that it was just the light shining on it through the trees!
den in woods

I’m looking forward to recording each season the different wild flowers on the path into woods so I can keep a calendar of what to expect in the future throughout the year.  This also means putting together some spotter sheets for my kids with all the right identifications!

16 thoughts on “Wild flowers on path into woods – Summer”

  1. if i went for a morning run i would pictures of nothing but the concrete jungle that surrounds me. you live/run in a beautiful place and these are gorgeous shots

  2. Ahhh this is perfect timing for me to read this post as I have just returned from an after school walk with Kitty and Ozzy taking photos of loads of wild flowers too. And of course me being me I don’t have a clue about what’s what! Such a lovely location for a run Kriss, very envious indeed. Since my repeated ankle sprains I’ve not been able to run but now I’ve started physiotherapy we’re working towards me running again and there’s light at the ned of the tunnel. Posts like these are just the motivation I need 🙂
    Lovely photos Kriss, as always – thanks for joining in again x

  3. Great photos Kirss – soon you’ll be needing to take an old ice cream tub on your runs too so you can pick the brambles along the way 😉 x #hdygg

  4. Gorgeous route you have to take, it’s magical. I think the top one is yellow loosestrife. I love meadowsweet, they used to use it on the floors in Medieval times to disguise the less than fragrant smells. I have a few wildflower guides and you’re encouraged me to dig them out tomorrow,

  5. I’m the same when I cycle to work, I take lots of photos of the flowers. I agree that I think it’s a woundwort. We have quite a lot of pyramidal orchids out near us at the moment (probably the most frequently seen one at this time of year) but it’s a different shape and leaves.

  6. What a lovely walk to go on. I seemed to have noticed this year that the wild flowers around here are better than ever. I hope this a trend that will continue.

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