Duck crossing in Sag Harbor

Duck Crossing by Otter PondJust past Mashashimuet Park in Sag Harbor is a duck crossing on Jermain Avenue. The ducks regularly cross the road here between Otter pond and some marshy woods on the other side. Often you’ll see them waiting by the side of the road until the traffic is clear before all the ducks waddle across!

28 thoughts on “Duck crossing in Sag Harbor”

  1. Ooo! This reminds me of the A10 being grounded to a halt as a family of ducks crossed it and then decided to shelter under a massive lorry – it took an age for them to be coaxed further across to the other side!

  2. That’s brilliant! How often do you see a sign with a picture of an animal of some kind on it and never ever see that animal in years of travelling that road – but this is too perfect!

  3. Spring is on its way! My heart melts when I see families of ducks crossing the road, the grass or pond. We are lucky to live next to a small lake and jogging around it in Spring time is my favorite.

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