Snow in Ashdown Forest – and a token of love?

Ashodwn Forest snow and a view

I listened to Luce and Theo excitedly talk about covering our garden with snow angels when we woke up and saw that thick snow was finally falling outside. All I could think about was getting my camera gear and heading to the nearby Ashdown Forest. Which is what I did straight after dropping them off at school. Naturally I got lost when the snow obscured a turning and I missed my intended destination. But I wanted to walk and take photographs so I kept on driving until I found a place to stop near Wych Cross in Ashdown Forest. By then it had stopped snowing which I didn’t mind as a view of the valley below began to open up from my hilltop path. At first I went into the woods. Snow in woods in Ashdown Forest

Snow covered oak roots in Ashdown Forest

But instead of passing an oak tree standing guard at an intersection I turned around and left the woods wanting to see the view again. All along the way were bushes of gorse covered in snow flakes. Ah the landscape shows sign of kissing (thinking of my previous ode to gorse)!

Gorse and snowy path Ashdown ForestGorse bushes and view in Ashdown Forest

Snow covered gorse against the sky

snow on gorse flowers

When I reached a pine standing alone on the hill, I remembered I needed to collect some pine cones for Luce and Theo. (We have a couple of crafty projects in mind for them.) Once again I veered off in another direction. The joy of walking alone and being able to take photos and change course at will!

Pine tree and snow in Ashdown Forest

Lo and behold I could see a cluster of pines not far away.

Pine cones in tree

Just after collecting some pine cones – yes, fallen on the ground and, no, not picked from the tree – I was about to follow a path into the woods when I noticed a bench nearby.
Path into pine woods Ashdown Forest

It was in an ideal location to sit and admire the view from Ashdown Forest. But what had grabbed my attention was that something had been left on it.

Bench with view in Ashdown Forest

There was a bouquet of roses covered in snow on the bench. Someone had left a token of love before the snow had begun to fall.

Flower bouquet covered in snow

Snow and roses on bench

My imagination went wild as I though of the possible love stories behind these roses in the snow in Ashdown Forest. Was this a spot where lovers had once sat together and talked? Perhaps there had been a proposal right here? Maybe they had regularly come here together for walks and stopped at this bench for picnics with a view? Was this bouquet left here in memory of a lost love?View from Wych Cross Ashdown Forest

If my two had been with me I would have told them this was the perfect spot to lie on the ground and make snow angels.



15 thoughts on “Snow in Ashdown Forest – and a token of love?”

  1. Like so many of you I would love to know the story of those roses. I do so hope they was for happy reasons but something deep down inside make me think maybe a widow left them in memory oh her husband, at their favourite spot where they sat together and watched the beauty of the world before them.

  2. Beautiful photos – especially the close up of the gorse covered with snow and the rose bouquet that had been left – definitely something that leaves you wondering what the story was behind it.

  3. Beautiful photos – I especially like the gorse covered in snow, it somehow softens it. And that bouquet and the imaginations of what might have been is just gorgeous #hdygg

  4. Beautiful photos. I would love to know the story behind those roses.
    The dusting of snow makes Ashdown Forest look even more enticing

  5. Beautiful photo’s Kriss and oh yes, how I would love the joy of being able to wander at will whilst out with my camera! I really need to try and get a car for when my two are both at school-I’d love to be able to pop out and wander 🙂

  6. Breathtaking photos, they are really really lovely! And you couldn’t ask for a better view to admire from a bench. The perfect spot for a flask of hot chocolate. Lets hope those flowers were left there for a happy reason.

  7. Hi Kriss
    What a lovely blog and fantastic pictures. Such a beautiful spot
    I was in the Ashdown Forest a couple of weekends ago. The air was cold, but the sun was out and the sky was blue. The puddles were crispy and ice covered, but we had great fun (like a couple of big kids) stamping in the puddles and cracking the ice.
    Makes me want to go back again, right now….

    1. Thank you Susie. Oh I agree there are so many wonderful places to walk in the Ashdown Forest and it’s doubly gorgeous when the sun is out. And fun in the snow for all ages 🙂

  8. Ah these photos are lovely Kriss and like you I am sat here craving to know the story behind those roses (don’t they look stunning covered in snow?)
    Looks like great minds thought alike when it came to heading out to take photos after the kids we at school – I know how awesome a feeling it must have been. Snow makes the familiar seem so different.
    Lush lush lushhhh!

    Half term soon!

    Thanks for joining in again x

    1. I’m still pondering and wondering….perhaps they were left to mark an anniversary?
      Ideally we’d have one week of thick snow where I can wander with camera and kids can roll in it, then it’ll melt without any traces of sludge and slush.

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