Snow in our valley

At last snow arrived albeit for one day! At least Luce and Theo had one day to make snow sculptures and angels and use their sleds. I left the two of them in the garden – with their dad and not alone – and headed straight for the woods surrounding us in our small valley. I wasn’t going to miss the small window of capturing¬†the woods covered in snow. I also love that magical silence that seems to linger after a snowfall.

Snow Woods sleddingSnow Woods lane to homeSnow Woods log pileLog pile with snow in woodsSnow Woods pathSnow Woods snow and treesSnow Woods snow on treetopsSnow Woods snow on tree budsSnow Woods treetops

A holly and fir tree were leaning across the path as if they were trying to hold hands in the snowy forest.

Snow Woods holly and fir treesSnow Woods holly and fir branches touchingSnow Woods brown fern

No one else was around and I followed a trail made by deer through the trees.Snow Woods deer trackSnow Woods falledn trunk and tree base-1And when I returned home I saw that my two were not the only wild ones out in the snow.
Snow Woods winter dayPheasants in snowSnow Woods rooksSnow Woods blue tit

I’m still hoping for another day or two of snowfall this winter in our valley.

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  1. gorgeous photos and always looks so romantic, where as the reality is it is cold and wet and you soon get fed up with it, i miss having weather and would love to pop over just for a day to experience the snow but it’s a 14 hour return flight, sadly

  2. You had so much snow! I love the way it falls on the trees and it seems you have taken a black and white photograph. We only had about 1cm of snow and it had all but disappeared by the time we were ready to go out!

  3. Beautiful Kriss – just beautiful! I am longing for snow here, we have just had a couple of harder frosts only. That shot of the pheasants is my fave, I know how stealthy you need to be to get a good shot of them!
    Glad to hear Luce and Theo enjoyed the snow too!

    Thank you for joining in again lovely – we must catch up properly soon x

  4. Stunning images, I especially love the pheasants. I also love walking the dog it seems so tranquil with a layer of the white stuff all around.

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