Tree Climbing

When Luce and Theo go for a walk in the woods or a park, they’re constantly searching for a tree to climb. Branches are just rungs on a ladder as far as they’re concerned. But I always see that longing in their eyes to go higher and higher. They want to be up in the canopy of a very tall tree.

At last they had their chance. This past weekend they strapped on harnesses attached to ropes and started climbing.Tree with ropes for recreational tree climbingTwins starting tree climbLaughing Luce tree climbingPointing and tree climbingTree climbing at Wakehurst

With a bit of competition added into the mix. After all Luce and Theo are twins. Who could get to the highest branch?Twins kicking on tree climbRopes and kids in tree

This is childhood unplugged.  Laughter and smiles amongst the branches.Theo recreational tree climbing

Both told me it was as if they were flying and like birds they landed on branches. It might have been recreational tree climbing with safety gear but they both felt free.Kids high up in tree

Note – recreational tree climbing:

Harness for tree climbingTheo tree climbingI booked them on the tree climbing event during the Bountiful Botanics  September weekend at Wakehurst Place. They’ve previously watched tree aerial acrobatics at another special events weekend here at Kew’s countryside estate in Sussex. The instructors from the Big Tree Climbing Company were brilliant and gave Theo and Luce a clear briefing on how to climb using the knots and ropes. My twins have insisted that they have another recreational tree climbing adventure as soon as possible – or I’m in deep trouble.  In fact next time I want to join in too – how I would love to take some photos from the top of a tree!

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  2. FABULOUS! I know a couple of my daughters would LOVE to give this a go! Amazing photographs and their smiles say it all 🙂

  3. Yep, my eldest would be right up there with your two 🙂 I’ve seen these guys in action before but never managed to book a slot with them for her because they’ve been so busy. Hopefully one day we’ll change that. It looks a lot of fun.

  4. What a fab experience for the kids, it’s always great when you can go one step further with a favourite activity as a treat. Luce and Theo look like they’re having the time of their lives racing each other to the top of the tree, I bet it was great for you watching the happiness written all over their faces as the explored. I bet the can’t wait to go again and I look forward to the photos from the top! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  5. I’ve seen the tree climbing company mentioned a few times, looks great fun. My kids love climbing trees too but it would be fun to go much higher. Will have to keep an eye out for local options. #countrykids

  6. What an amazing thing to do (and what fabulous pictures, as ever). My kids would love this! They did one of those high tree trekking things at Center Parcs earlier this year and loved that. My eldest is a compulsive climber. We have a large yew tree in our front garden and he will climb to the top of that. I’m secretly proud, but husband gets cross because it’s quite dangerous.

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