Water lilies in the lake in the woods

water lilies lake

There’s a lake in the woods where the water lilies now bloom. The path around the lake is all overgrown but the wild birds know where to find its quiet waters.

Whence, O fragrant form of light,

Hast thou drifted through the night,

Swanlike, to a leafy nest,

On the restless waves, at rest?


Art thou from the snow zone

Of a mountain-summit blown,

Or the blossom of a dream,

Fashioned in the foamy stream?


Nay, – methinks the maiden moon,

When the daylight came too soon,

Fleeting from her bath to hide,

Left her garment in the tide.

The Water Lily by John Banister Tabb, American poet (1845-1909)

Water lilies and wild fowlWater lilies

9 thoughts on “Water lilies in the lake in the woods”

  1. Great shots Kriss, we were in Docklands today and I was shocked (in a good way) to see water lilies in many of the docks. Seems there’s a few about this year.

  2. I can never see a pond of water lilies without remembering a gorgeous book the boys had when they were little called “Two frogs”. I think it is in the gite now so I must go and have a sneaky read when I next to change-over. Did you see any frogs?

  3. Oh wow that’s lovely! Seeing so many in a wild setting is a treat. Kudos on not falling in, I once nearly fell in a pond taking photos of water lilies – noob that I am!
    Thanks for joining in again Kriss xx

    1. And what makes it extra special is I’m one of the very few who sees them. It’s almost like our own magical lake with water lilies now -recently water irises and wild salmon berries and more to come x

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