What makes a perfect campfire dinner?

wood path

No extra layers or blankets were needed for our campfire evening. As dusk approached warm air still whispered through the leaves in the woods. The sun still shimmered across a neighbouring field as we arrived at the campfire site under a canopy of trees.

Sun glowing in field

The fire was lit and table set up. Sticks were piled up to keep the fire blazing all evening.

campfire scenecampfire wood pile

campfire burning

Five adults, six children and a retriever gathered for an open-air dinner in the woods. We brought plastic plates and glasses, drinks and platters in a wagon pulled by a quad bike to the campfire circle.

retriever watching campfire

Music played as we talked and prepared our campfire supper.

Music plates bunsTable with food for campfire

Old oven trays had been saved to place over the flames and cook our feast. Home-made sausages were first put over the fire while the kids patiently waited and played at the campfire site . Six children ranging from six to eleven.

Kids by campfiresausages on campfire

Strangely enough (or not!) the dads insisted on being the outdoor chefs – adding bbq drumsticks, ribs and sticks with shrimp to the fire. My salad was barely touched as everyone just wanted to eat with their fingers.

feet next to campfire

ribs chicken shrimp cooking on campfire

tongs picking sausages

campfire dinner

But before we proceeded to after dinner treats, a break was taken for off-road buggy rides up and down a path in the woods.

off road go kart with kids in woods

kids go cart woods

Then I watched as every marshmallow was roasted over the campfire. The kids ingeniously had devised extra long sticks by putting the wood skewers into the centres of branch tips.

marshmallows campfire dinner

campfire dinner roasting marshmallows

marshmallows roasting campfire

kids roasting marshmallows

campfire dinner scene

So what ‘s needed for a campfire dinner? I can now say from experience that friends, delicious food, drinks, children’s laughter and music were the perfect ingredients for an idyllic outdoor evening.

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  1. Goodness. That does sound good. Love the idea of making the sticks longer for marshmallows. Lots of lovely food cooked over a real fire. I like your list of perfect ingredients. #CountryKids

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