Where deer rest

Sussex where deer rest

Herds of deer regularly graze at dawn and dusk in the fields around our garden. When I walk in the woods surrounding our rural valley in West Sussex I get glimpses of them through the trees. Often I wonder where do they rest? This week my question was answered when I saw all these does ‘lying up’ in a field next to us. I found out that when deer rest between feeding it’s called ‘lying up.’

Perhaps some of them are pregnant. In the Autumn our valley echoed every night with the roars of stags during the rutting season. The clashing of antlers sounded like sword fights in the dark. Early last summer we had fawns playing among the wild flowers next to our fence. So I’m hoping that these does were not just lying up but resting because there will soon be little ones running by our garden fence.


17 thoughts on “Where deer rest”

  1. So lovely. We used to live next door to Bushy Park in South West London and the deer were sometimes quite hard to spot lying down until you were super close and that usually made us jump! 😀

  2. Hi Kriss, how beautiful. I grew up in Devon and one highlight was passing Powderham castle on the train and seeing the deer grazing and lying up in the fields. It must be amazing having it on your doorstep.


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