Spring Wild vs Garden

Kriss MacDonald Algarve

My Spring Wild vs Garden series started back in the Autumn, with additions in January, when I planned the garden planting. I work in harmony here in Portugal with native flowers and cultivated ones planted and grown by me.

This series contrasts nature’s random beauty in the wild meadows around me and the planned and curated garden. My artworks preserve the natural beauty of the flowers. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Signature Kriss MacDonald


My flatlays blend the curated beauty of the garden I plant for spring with the wild flowers of the meadows that surround my new home in the Algarve. Every year I so look forward to the spring wild flower season.

Iris Wild Garden

Spring Waltz

Nature Treasures

Countryside Spring

Harmony I

April Blues

Narcissus Tapestry

Wild vs Garden artworks

Wild Spring Meadow

A large scale print showing the native flowers in the central area of the Algarve, Portugal. This piece shows the wild beauty of nature at its finest, a beauty appreciated by pollinators and wildlife, and us.

Ranunculus Garden

Inspired by 17th century Dutch masters and their still lifes, this statement piece shows the curated beauty of an Algarve garden. All the the flowers in this piece were grown in my garden…look closely and you’ll see a natural world among the flowers.

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