Winter sledding while the sun slides down

winter snow kids Hamptons nyWhat do you do with kids after a winter blizzard?playing in the snow hamptons nydigging snow kids shovel

Make angels. Jump in snow. Shake snow off bushes. Shovel a drive.

pulling sled

sledding in Sag Harbor, HamptonsBut the best thing to do is get out the sleds and head for a hill. sledding hillsmiling sled kids hamptons

A slope which you can whizz down at full speed.  And swirl down backwards.

running up hill carrying sledsAnd dash back up as fast as you can.

sunset sleddingWhile the sun slides down too.

Winter sledding in the Hamptons, NY

In the summer kids can roll down beach dunes, but after a winter snowfall kids can go sledding in the Hamptons, NY. A great location for young kids is the hill in front of the high school in Sag Harbor. When there’s snow expect to find a big crowd of kids sledding down the hill at the weekends with lots of parents cheering them on.

Where do you go sledding after a snowfall?

11 thoughts on “Winter sledding while the sun slides down”

  1. I am *so* infinitely jealous of the amount of snowfall you’ve had, and I love the community spirit in seeing so many different generations having such fun. I really hope we have snowfall this year, The Boy is desperate to go sledging.

  2. WOW this looks like loads of fun. I am so jealous. I cannot wait to get out there in the snow with my 2. Isla probably doesnt remember the snow as she was only 6 months old when she saw it last. She is a whole year older now 🙂

    This makes me want to move Countries 🙂

  3. What fantastic fun – our children would be in their element! I do wish we could have some snow in Cornwall so the children could experience some sledging. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. ah those low sunlight over kids playing the snow type of shots are my amongst my favourite. I love how the sun has this warm orangey glow but it can’t quite get that to the white expanses. perfect x

  5. My knowledge of The Hamptons prior to this comes entirely from Revenge which had me thinking everyone left after the summer season. It seems there is plenty of fun to be had in winter too

    1. The summer scene is very different! It’s a lot quieter in the winter but there’s lots of great things to do with kids outdoors throughout the ‘off-season’ in the Hamptons.

    1. The kids had great fun playing in the snow and sledding. Then it all melted in one warm day before the cold weather struck again!

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