A burst of camellias

Camellia flowers

When I took my twins Luce and Theo for an Easter hunt they were searching the ground for eggs and clues while I stopped and stared at a burst of camellias above our heads. Soon there will be colour growing wildly at our feet as it does feel like spring is finally here.

17 thoughts on “A burst of camellias”

  1. I think spring has sprung Kriss, there’s signs everywhere and I must admit I’ve been desperate to see them.
    This is a gorgeous camellia and I too would be spotting to stare.
    I’ve planted a new one in my garden a few weeks ago, but I’ll have to wait quite some time for mine to be this size… if I’m lucky!

  2. Stunning photo, such delicate colours. Our camelias are a bit hopeless this year; they’ve budded but then the buds don’t open, they just fall off. Maybe not enough water? Not sure…

  3. So pretty. Lovely to see the burst of colour. We seem to be a bit behind here. Daffodils are about all that’s out at the mo although I’ve seen some magnolia coming out in people’s gardens

  4. Always pays to look up! They are so pretty and like you I am so looking forward to all the burst of colors that these blooms is going to give! They are starting now as I can see whites and yellow on yhe grass here =)


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