A white deer walked by

White deer dusk unicorn

Often at dusk I like to sit out on our garden deck and listen to the wildlife awaken as night approaches. Owls screech and hoot, muntjacs and foxes bark in the valley’s woods while the hedgerows and meadows surrounding our house stir with all creatures great and small. One evening this July at first I thought a unicorn had joined this dance and call of the wild.

A white deer walked by our garden.

The young white buck caught the first rays of the moon’s light while the rest of the fallow deer blended in with the darkening landscape. I’ve spotted white deer before elsewhere in West Sussex. Not surprisingly they are sometimes called ‘Judas deer’ for giving way the rest of the herd.
Black and white deer

But the sight of the white buck was magical and I thought of the Narnia tale in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis which told of the white stag that would grant you wishes if you caught him.  White buck in grass



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  1. What an amazing sight from your own garden. I hope the deer continues to thrive as it will be difficult to blend into the surrounding foliage and stay camouflaged.

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