April – My Nature Notes

Wild spotted orchid

Wild spotted orchid

Dreamtime in the earth is over and so flowers have been waking up for their spring dances in the gardens, woods, meadows and fields around us.

I was worried that I wouldn’t have many April nature notes as I’ve been rather distracted this month. At the start of April we moved house which included sorting nearly a thousand books that had been in storage for three years. Despite often contorting myself to get photos on nature walks, it was the simple act of pulling off a pair of high heeled boots last Sunday which packed in my back this week! So no dancing for me at the moment despite Robin Williams once saying:

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party’

I discovered, though, that I still had quite a few photos for April’s notes after walks in the countryside, a wander in Gravetye Manor‘s gardens and a feast of tulips at Standen House in West Sussex.

Plus last Saturday I also went to RHS Wisley in Surrey. I’m smiling as I write thinking of the day out arranged by Annie at Mammasaurus. Hop over and read her post on our meet-up at Wisley. I’ll be writing up about the kids, colours and action there soon too.

First of all I noticed this month that trees everywhere were getting ready for the party as their buds burst out into blossoms. Fruit trees filled with flowers despite their corsets in formal orchards. And in the wild, tree and bramble blossoms arched over paths and stretched over hedgerows.flowering fruit tree Standen House

Fruit tree at Standen House

Apple blossoms RHS Wisley

Apple tree blossoms at RHS Wisleytree blossoms

flowering brambles

Wild flowers finally showed up everywhere. On an idyllic nature walk home from school with my children, we spotted lesser celadine, common dog violets and a whole variety of mini masterpieces in the woods. On other rambles wood anemone and wild spotted orchids were some of the flowers that peeped up dreamily at me from shady spots. And, of course, bluebells now are appearing everywhere as if fairies are preparing for a grand ball in the woods.

Wild spotted orchid flowers

Wild spotted orchidwood anemone

Wood anemonewild flower purplish blue

CuckooflowerBell shaped flowers on bluebells


Naturally shrubs have decided to cover themselves with their best finery for spring too – such as the purple rhododendron at RHS Wisley or a bush heaving with yellow flowers at Standen House.

Purple rhododendron RHS Wisley

Purple rhododendron at RHS WisleyYellow flowering shrub at Standen House

I thought I’d also add to my April nature notes some of the flowers and plants from the garden of our new home. Daisies, dandelions and hyacinths have been spreading across the lawn. Here they’re peeping up at our view across a valley.

Dandelions, daisies and hyacinthsblue flowersblue hyacinth

My daughter was rather thrilled to see that bleeding hearts – her favourite flowers – are swinging gently across one of the flower beds.Bleeding heart

Bleeding heartsFlowering lavendar

Flowering rosemarylady's smock and forget me nots

Lady’s smock flowers and forget-me-notsSpring flowers in garden

Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’

I’m always seeking to identify and learn the names of the flowers I observe whether on our walks or in my garden – which is why I write my monthly nature notes.

17 thoughts on “April – My Nature Notes”

  1. The fruit trees at Standen were amazing weren’t they – like a medieval lady with the widest skirt possible! And I must admit a bit of a weakness for bleeding hearts, though sadly I lost mine over the winter 🙁 #hdygg

  2. Such an array of nature Kriss, it’s like a collection of the finest of April, perfect. It’s so easy to look up to the blossom and miss all the amazing tiny wild flowers there are so it’s lovely that you do this each month.
    Congrats on the BiBs shortlisting, hardly surprising with great photos like this!
    Sorry to hear about your back, hope it’s on the mend soon x

    Thanks for joining in again! x

    1. I think spring walks are so special after all the anticipation here in the UK after winter. Mind you I realise it’s a bit different season wise for you in Dubai!

  3. I like reading through your nature notes 🙂 The purple one at the end is an Erysiumum. We have some in our front garden – it has grown to about a metre wide in a year! Really like the Lady’s smock flowers, going to have to keep an eye out for some of them!

    1. Thank you Gemma – I must update my post! I discovered some lady’s smock on a walk then became rather thrilled to find they’re also in my new garden!

  4. I love this time of year. Every day I take a walk at lunchtime and enjoy seeing the leaves and flowers coming out – it changes every day. Congratulations on making it as a finalist – I’ll be voting for you!

  5. Gorgeous photos as always – I think the wood anemone snap is my favourite for this week. So happy to see you in the shortlist for the BiBs 2015 – congratulations Kriss x

  6. The yellow shrub is a favourite (I have too many!) and it is Kerria Japonica. Purple one looks like Erysimum Bowles’s Mauve Perennial Wallflower.
    Love your pictures, great to see our pretty natives. I must find a bluebell wood this weekend, they are so magical.

    1. Yeah I will update the post later! Thank you so much for letting me know their names! There’s so many bluebells already in the woods near us but I’m very excited about visiting in the next few days (when the back eases up a bit more) the woods near our last home as I watched the tiny little shoots pushing up through the ground since earlier this year.

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