Enjoying the fruits and flowers of August

Roses and mixed borderI wish I had more spare time. August is full of so many rewards in nature’s gardens. I’ve been foraging, collecting, drying, making and simply admiring flowers and fruit growing in our garden and nearby. But Luce and Theo are still home on holiday and my wonderful mother is visiting so there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Days and days of rain also meant some outdoor excursions and foraging expeditions had to be put on hold. Perhaps there is some truth in old folklores. I spotted a green woodpecker in our garden which is meant to herald rain and storms. And indeed it did!

I did manage to make my first rose hip syrup.Rosehips in shrubsRosehip syrup

I’ve also been busy collecting rose petals. Luce made crystallised rose petals which we’re storing now in an air tight container for a cake we plan to make. I’ve also been drying rose petals for another project.Luce crystallising rose petalsRose petals crystallised and freshDrying rose petals next to window

Lavender is still growing in one of our flower beds as well as drying inside our home. I’ve stopped myself cutting too much as we have so many bees enjoying them too.Lavender with beeLavender drying

Honeysuckle flowers are disappearing but I’ve been collecting some of their vines. Honeysuckle flowers and vinesHoneysuckle twigs on table cloth

I’m hoping a break in rain will give us a chance to pick loads of blackberries again. I need to start freezing them on trays so I have plenty stored up for Autumn crumbles. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post soon some of the recipes we’ve already created with them.

Meanwhile a good friend made a delicious lunch for us this week with food from her garden. We had an amazing salad with figs and prosciutto and fresh tomato soup with garden herbs.FigsTomatoes in greenhouse

There are signs of Autumn too (though I’m not ready for summer to end!) Soon it will be time to start picking apples. Luce, Theo and I were so tempted to fill our pockets when we saw this apple tree.Apple trees and apples on ground

I wish I had some pink or blue hydrangea as I’d be filling my vases with them indoors. I stopped to admire these when a passing elderly lady stopped to tell me the tale of the garden wall under them. About thirty years ago her husband had cut and numbered the stones at a local quarry for this wall. Then he discovered the numbers had been put on the wrong side. Now when his wife passes this garden she always thinks ‘there’s the inside out wall.’Hydrangea wall

There are fresh rose buds on some of the climbing roses in my garden which means we should have some fresh blooms before August ends and Autumn steps in.


9 thoughts on “Enjoying the fruits and flowers of August”

  1. The hydrangea wall story is charming, you will never look at it the same way again I’m sure. Good on you collecting rose petals and goodies to use, I wish I had your planning and patience Kriss. I look forward to see what you are going to create with the rose petals you are drying!

    Thank you for joining in again and sharing this seasonal goodness x

  2. Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers; one of them is blue this year when they’re usually all pink and I absolutely love it!

  3. We’ve a fig tree out the front (well our neighbours do) and it’s been a while since I’ve tried one of those – must be time to give them another go! I know what you mean about august and the garden, they’re so much and I never manage to cram it all in either. #hdygg

  4. Loving the crystallised rose petals. I’d never have thought to do that with them. And do post a photo of the cake you make, I’m curious. I too am wishing I had more time lately. So many places to explore and garden jobs to do before Autumn rolls in. I want to enjoy our garden as it is for just a little longer…

    1. I’m so busy with family – which I love and I realise I have to prioritise (which I’ve done – thus pretty quiet here on the blog) – but I’m rather amazed about this time of the year. And yes I have a yummy plan for the crystallised petals while I’ll let you know about if it’s yummy and works!

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