Mama Roe Deer

Deer in wild flower field

This roe deer showed up in a small wild flower meadow next to our garden this week. The next day she was back with her fawn – some of my captures of the two I featured in my post wild about my garden. It was also rather special as Luce and Theo were able to watch them from our home without disturbing them.

What was amazing to observe was that when Bambi disappeared into the shrubs for bedtime, Mama roe then sat down in the grass and kept guard from dusk to dark.

23 thoughts on “Mama Roe Deer”

  1. What a wonderful capture (I clicked through to the full post to see more pictures of this beautiful animal too). We had a deer (I don’t know what sort) in our garden recently which is pretty urban – we live in a town – but it was so frightened I couldn’t get a good picture. I think you commented on my post about it, so sorry if I’m repeating myself!

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    what a magnificent creature to be able to observe from your own back garden, thanks for sharing

  3. Sooo beautiful – I had to be on the road at 5.30am this morning and I even remembered my camera hoping I’d see some deer. I saw a fox, a hare, rabbits and more birds than I could count but not one single deer!

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