Wild ones in my garden

Sparrow watching on fenceThis week my posts have been focused on our garden. For me, there’s nothing better than it being a happy haven for wild ones, whether they’re my kids, wild birds or flowers. I might usually write about walks on nature trails and learning about wildlife and nature, but if we’re at home and it’s not pouring with rain, then Luce and Theo are outdoors. In our garden.

So, a quick rewind, if you’d like to see our amazing views, a kestrel hunting and scenes of Bambi and mum visiting near us then have a look at my post wild about my garden.

I celebrated the first roses and strawberries in our garden with not only some captures of them outdoors and indoors but also with a delicious treat of meringue nests with strawberry ice creamSparrows on fenceMy wild ones – as in Luce and Theo – are constantly in the garden. During last week’s half term, whenever it was sunny – and if we were at home – then they were outside.  When friends visited all the kids could be found chasing each other or inventing games to play in the garden.(Actually it’s fascinating hearing about the games they come up with even if their ages all vary.) Luce and Theo also insisted on picnic lunches in the garden with their visitors.Table with picnic food in my gardenPicnic food trayLuce at picnicThe main part of the garden is on a hill. One side is next to a small wild flower meadow. Behind the statue and fence is where we keep seeing the Roe deer and her fawn. Statue in gardenOn the other side there is a big flower bed winding alongside the house. We’ve only been living here for two months, so week by week new flowers seem to make their seasonal appearance. Side flowerbed in my gardenNear the top left hand corner in this flowerbed you can see our Solomon’s seal plants with their rows of white bell shaped flowers.solomons seal white bell flowersThis flower bed is also rather popular with mini wild ones such as bees and butterflies.
Small tortoise shell butterfly and flowersSmall tortoiseshell butterfly amid Bowle’s mauve and zinnia.small tortoise shell butterfly on bowles mauvePurple leaved shrub and stems of flower buds

HeucheraPurple leaves with raindropsDaisies, buttercups and other small wild flowers keep popping up all over the grass lawn.Daisies and buttercups on pathThey’re frequently trampled and flattened by Luce and Theo who like to run up the hill and roll down all day long. Luce running in garden

Once in while they rest.Theo resting in gardenWe have another large flowerbed at the top of the hill with all sorts of flowers, including right now a variety of geraniums.Top flowerbed in my gardenGeraniums in flower bed

Geranium RozanneGeranium Crystal Lake flowersDuring half term they were only furry large pods, but after the rainfall this week, huge red and pink Oriental poppies began opening up.Pink poppy unfoldingRed poppy openingRed poppy against sky

I’m always tripping over sticks when I enter or leave the house. Luce and Theo inevitably bring a new huge wooden ‘staff’ back after every walk which then needs to be kept right by our door.Stick and flowers by back doorOur entrance way is always filled with wellies and outdoor shoes.Floor mat and boots mudroomAs you can see, I’m slowly discovering what our garden offers. I do so like that it has areas both where beautiful flowers can bloom but also kids can go wild and play.  I want our family home’s garden to be an outside space they can have fun in or even just sit on a picnic blanket and read. I had the same attitude when they were toddlers and we lived in London. I’d love to hear about your gardens and how they are special for your kids.

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  1. You have such a beautiful garden. I sat here with very green fingered envy. Picnic are really the best fun to have in the garden when we finally get some sunny weather

  2. Wow – what a lovely space and with so much going on. It looks great for all types of wildlife (including your own!) – beautiful x #hdygg

  3. Such a lovely space that you have there Kriss – lucky Luce and Theo too! So good to see the wildlife enjoying the garden, makes you realise that it’s not just us that we garden for!
    Thanks for joining in again – lovely to be home catching up on it all x

  4. It looks so beautiful in your garden and I love the wild areas that Luce and Theo can explore and discover the nature hiding and landing there. Your children are so photogenic, I love all the pictures you take of them, they always look so natural and at home in nature. thank you for sharing a week in the garden on Country Kids.

  5. They say you should leave a new garden for a year to see what comes up. So true. You have a year of surprises to look forward to. We have a large garden surrounded by open land. Children tend to spill over into it. They spend so much time out there. Even spotted the first grass snake of the year, this week. Perfect childhood memories being made. #CountryKids

    1. I am so looking forward to seeing what comes up next in the garden. Apparently the compost heaps in our garden are full of grass snakes – we need to check!

  6. What a beautiful garden you have and great views. Nothing better than having free range kids is there? Amazing what they can come up with when left to their own devices. Our strawberries and roses have just started too -not enough for ice cream though. It’s a lovely time of year. #countrykids

  7. Wow, that looks like a fantastic garden! It’s great there’s plenty of space for the twins to run around without damaging the plants. I know how it feels to discover new plants too; I remember we had the same when we moved into a previous house with a large garden. However we now live in a bigger house but with a postage stamp size garden…. #countrykids

  8. Your garden is stunning. I have complete envy to be surrounded by such open spaces. What a wonderful place for your children to grow up x

  9. My children love our little garden too. It nice to know there’s a safe outdoors space they can have their freedom in.

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