Spring Preview at Wakehurst

Wakehurst Walled garden doorI’ve been getting rather impatient for some gardens near me in West and East Sussex to unlock their gates and let in visitors, but I have to wait until the end of March. Luckily Wakehurst is close by and open all seasons. Of course, I chose the one day this week when there was a freezing cold wind and, instead of spring, it felt like winter was nipping my fingers again. That’s March for you.

I headed for the walled garden in the hope of some colour therapy but it was too soon. Everything was beige, green and brown. I was running out of time before the school run but I decided to head out in the gardens for a short stroll before leaving.
Wakehurst Walled gardenWakehurst Phlomis purpurea

Phlomis purpurea Wakehurst Phlomis samia subsp maroccana

Phlomis samia subsp Maroccana

Wakehurst dead Hydrangea headsWakehurst wall with plant trellisWakehurst hedge arch and statue

That’s when I noticed there were hues of pink, purples and reds flashing boldly here and there. The landscape was throwing off its winter garb and giving a preview of its spring look. There was the ‘Airy Fairy’ rhododendron dancing away in the wind. The same one that gave me spring hope this time last year at Wakehurst. And magnolia flowers dramatically giving the sky air kisses. Grass and branches were wearing fallen Magnolia petals as accessories. Like Miley Cyrus has said, “Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude.” Wakehurst camellias wiltingWakehurst Tellima Grandiflora

Tellima grandifloraWakehurst erysium in flower

Erysimum Bowles’ MauveWakehurst pink heather and leavesWakehurst Rhododendron Airy Fairy flowers

‘Airy Fairy’ Rhododendron
Wakehurst sundial and Magnolia treesWakehurst Magnolia skyline

Magnolia treeWakehurst Magnolia petal on branchWakehurst Magnolia petals on grassWakehurst Spring Preview Magnolia flowers

So just a few more weeks and the gardens should be like catwalks filled with the new spring colours. I’ll be there in the front row ready to admire them.

10 thoughts on “Spring Preview at Wakehurst”

  1. It’s bonkers that there’s magnolias out already isn’t it? Hopefully I might even make it there myself this year (though like this comment I’ll more than likely be late 🙂 )

  2. It is so frustrating when gardens are closed, I quite agree. We have been eager for everything to begin again too. So much beautiful colour at Wakehurst already, and beyond the usual spring bulbs too. Lovely.

  3. Elizabeth - Simply Blossoms

    I just adore walled gardens and your shots capture such beauty! The magnolia is stunning too. Beautiful post #HDYGG

  4. What a stroke of luck, stumbling upon all that colour on a cold day 🙂 I like the contrast between the first and second half of this post – it says everything about this time of year. Swooning over those magnolias!

  5. Pink really is such an optimistic colour!

    I find this time of year frustrating, promises are there of colourful times ahead but the browns are clutching on strong.

    Thank you for joining in again Kriss x

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