The Enchanted Forest – Groombridge Place

What stories and images come to your mind when you think of an enchanted forest? Let me take you on the fairy tale adventure of the twins Luce and Theo at Groombridge Place.

They boarded a boat and went along a quiet canal where the trees appeared above and below the water.Groombridge Place canal boat reflectionsGroombridge Place canal boat with TheoGroombridge Place reflection in canal

Alas, they were shipwrecked. Fortunately Robinson Crusoe had been there before.Groombridge Place Crusoe treehousesGroombridge Place Crusoe play area

In the distance they could hear pirates approaching, it was time to leave their tree house sanctuary. Should they take a boat or head deep into the enchanted forest?Groombridge Place treehouse walkwayGroombridge Place playground boat

Aslan and a pterodactyl guarded them as they fled but soon they were captured by a villainess in the woods. Groombridge Place Aslan and pterodactylGroombridge Place jailhouse

The brave adventurers managed to escape. Now they had to follow the magical trail while deer followed them nearby half hidden in the trees.Groombridge Place Double SpiralSilhouette deer in woodsGroombridge Place The Mystic PoolYoung fallow buck on path

Hello, anybody home? Groombridge Place Mossy Bottom

But all was quiet at Mossy Bottom. Should they seek shelter too? Groombridge Place Romany caravan Groombridge place teepee

No, onward they marched until they reached the giant swings deep inside the Enchanted Forest.Swing in the Enchanted Forest

They were now ready to face the challenge of the Dark Walk.Groombridge Place Dark Walk boardwalkGroombridge boardwalk wood stepsGroombridge Place Dark Walk stepsGroombridge boardwalk with kids

At the end of their adventure through the enchanted woods did Luce and Theo find the zedonk – half zebra and half donkey – or its faithful companion?Groombridge Place donkey

You can also have a peaceful walk in the formal gardens of Groombridge Place. If you would like to know what Sherlock Holmes, the ghost of Dave Fletcher and the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice have to do with these seventeenth century gardens, I reveal them here.

Groombridge Place The Enchanted Forest

You can follow the trails of the Enchanted Forest in the ancient woodlands at Groombridge Place in Groombridge, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Many of the areas allude to myths, legends, fairy tales and stories by authors such as JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien. There are swings for young children as well as giant swings for older ones. (Many parents will be glad to know that there are toilets located here in case any young ones need to stop!)

Lunch and afternoon tea are available in the restaurant and coffee bar. On Friday evenings Groombridge Place stays open until 8 pm for Tapas. On certain dates hot and cold snacks are available in Crusoe’s World.

Groombridge Place also regularly hosts special events for children during the holidays.  I recommend paying the extra fee for the canal boat which takes you to Crusoe’s playground in the Enchanted Forest then following the trail by foot back to the main gardens.

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  1. This looks incredible. My eldest, at 13, is too cool for playgrounds now but she’d be on this one in a shot. They really have put their imagination into it! #countrykids

  2. Oh my goodness! I want to come and play! What an idyllic place to go and have an adventure.I can see why it’s been such an inspiration to so many authors. I wonder easy it is to get to by train and bus? Off to investigate!

  3. Oh this looks so lovely and fun Kriss. It actually looks like scenes from the movie “Into the Woods” especially the first photo! 🙂 Now if only we had something like that nearby. We do have woods but nothing as enchanting looking as that one 😉 x #countrykids.

  4. What a lovely tale and much more exciting than the peaceful walk! It looks full of fascination and excitement their for creative minds and plenty of fresh air to enjoy in the process. Thank you fo much for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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