The path through the woods

Wild kids dog woods

Near us is my favourite path through the woods which leads to the den my children built. It’s a place for knightly adventures and nature hunts. Animal trails criss-cross the path, many leading down to the stream nearby. Often I head there for a walk just as the sun begins shining through the high tree tops. Since my mother arrived for a summer visit, my kids now join me for an early morning run with her dog. The path through the woods is now filled with laughter, bird songs and barking.

11 thoughts on “The path through the woods”

  1. Hi Kriss, it looks like a magical place to walk. The trees are so huge and healthy looking, dwarfing your children. Bet the echo of children’s laughter is music to your ears.


  2. I love walking in the woods. You’ve captured perfectly how tall and magnificent the trees are and I love the way the sun filters through.

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