Wild flower path in Winter – January

Wild flower path Winter January Mist

I call it the wild flower path. It’s just around the corner from our home. It’s one of the paths that leads into the woodlands that surrounds our valley here in West Sussex. On either side of this path are woods. When the wild flowers and orchids bloom I know the season has changed. Now it’s winter and more often than not it’s veiled in mist. It’s not colourful or pretty at this point of the year but I love following it’s winding path into the forest.  And waiting for the wild flowers to slowly emerge along its banks. Now they are all dead and littering the way with wild seeds, Wild flower path Winter January MistWild flower path mist silhouettesWild flower path webs and mistWebs crisscross the dead flowers as they lie in wait, like me, for a new season.Wild flower path webs

As the seasons change I study my nature books and try to decipher the names of these dead wild flowers. Wild flowers books changing seasonBut the days are short and the wild flowers are dead so I decide to forgo this labour and just appreciate their silhouettes in the mist. I know what lies await. In the spring I will recognise them again as they bloom and regain colours. Only the yellow flowers of the gorse make an appearance in the winter months.Wild flower path Gorse

The seeds of umbels cling on but then scatter with every wind.Wild flower path umbel seeds shadowsWild flower path water dropletsWild flower path dead wild flowers

And the mist keeps returning while tree catkins grow and the ferns turn golden along its borders.Wild flower path mist and treesWild flower path marsh plants
Wild flower path tree hazel catkinsWild flower path dead copper fernWild flower path copper fern

All these wild flowers will transform soon.Wild flower path lovely dead crap flatlay

There will be blackberries that we can pick and bright wild flowers that we can admire.Wild flower path dead blackberriesWild flower path winter groundsel wild flowers

Until then dried thistles will dance in the wind while spiders build cathedrals.Wild flower path dead thistleWoods wild flowers spider webs

I’m looking forward to continuing to document the colours and the wild flowers returning to this path each season. Last summer it looked like this!



6 thoughts on “Wild flower path in Winter – January”

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  2. i spend hours looking for the names of plants to identify and end up forgetting their names next time i see them, love the yellow gorse adding some colour to winter

  3. A layer of mist makes everything look all the more magical, don’t you think? Love all cobwebs clinging onto the seed heads and it really won’t be long until everything springs to life again. Can’t wait…

  4. So beautiful Kriss! I am almost thinking that I prefer everything brown to the bright colours of Spring to come.
    Amazing detail in these shots, just lovely x

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