Just a walk in the Autumn mist

“I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like silence, listening to silence.” Autumn by Thomas Hood

An early Sunday morning in October but our garden and the little valley it sits on top had disappeared. I followed my children outdoors for a walk in the autumn mist. Walk in the mist with rose

Dew drops clung to spider webs in the grass and on our fence. Theo grabbed his wooden staff he keeps by our front door. Down a path we went towards the woods. Luce stopped to pick me a flower.Spider webs on fenceWalk in the mist spider webWalk in the mist TheoAutumn walk in the mistWalk in the mist Luce with wild flower

The woods were dark as the trees and fog stopped the sun from joining us on its paths. Only sighing leaves falling from trees broke the silence. That is until Luce and Theo started exploring. They found a tree trunk to balance on and a broken bird’s egg. A short rest by the den they built in the woods before we returned to the paths in the mist. Path in misty woodsLuce running in misty woodsLuce walking on tree trunkTheo with broken birds eggTheo and Luce with den in the woods

Like John Keats who composed ‘To Autumn’ after a Sunday walk, we saw that it was a “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Rosehips and misty pathHoneysuckle and spiders web

A moody pose to match the woods and then a final run before we headed home.
Theo pose on path in mistWalk in mist in woodsRunning on wood path in mist

What is it about autumnal mornings that beckons us so?

This is part of an ongoing series with photos of “Just a walk...” including on the beach, in the woods and with the wind.

21 thoughts on “Just a walk in the Autumn mist”

  1. These photographs are incredible! As are your lovely words to accompany them. We have beautiful fields very close to where we live and I can see the mist hang over them early in the morning. I struggle to get my two up early enough to enjoy it but every now and again, if my husband is working from home, I put my trainers on and run across them. It’s wonderful!

  2. Oh the atmosphere in these photos Kriss is amazing! I love when the weather presents us with a special treat. Really rather amazing at how different it can make familiar places look too isn’t it?
    Thank you for joining in x

      1. Totally agree Kriss I do the same – get very excited on a foggy morning! Thank you for joining in again. I’ve featured you as one of the faves from last week 🙂 x

  3. This is such a beautiful, poetic post to look at and read. Your photographs of the scenery and your beautiful children are really incredible. I felt like I was being guided on a walk myself. Beautiful. I’m glad I popped by to read.

  4. Oh Kriss this post is simply magical. The photography is equisic, your children’s quiet absorbing expressions matching the beauty of the autumn morning. It makes me want to set my alarm and do the same. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. I love the spider webs on the fence photograph! I had a misty drive to work on Friday but when I arrived the sun was just breaking through the trees and mist so I had to pop and take some photos too. I love this time of year. #countrykids

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