Those fleeting moments you grasp

Fleeting moment of bird wing at pierSometimes there are those fleeting moments of time that will stay with you. A whisper that is an echo that never stops.

Now they are young but one day they will follow their own paths. You try and guide them as well as you can.

Twins at the pier with crowdAlready they’re learning to march forward. They are only eight but finding their own independent selves.

Twins at the pier 1Twins at the pier with cameras

Was it only a second ago that they were tiny bundles in your arms? You can still remember singing lullabies.

Gifts at the pier Sweets and treats at the pier

There’s an unspoken choreography between twins which only they know the steps. But you’re aware that at some point they will part ways when others will ask for the next dance.

Twin duo leap at the pierTwin glance at the pier

One day you will have to let go as they jump into adulthood. You will be left with reflections of the ballroom you once shared.Reflections at the pier

How will you feel that future day when they finally fly away?

Twin in the air at the pier 1Twin in the air at the pier 2Yes, sometimes you stop and grasp these fleeting present moments. And hold onto its echo.

I spent a few days with Luce and Theo on the coast of East Sussex this month for walks with a view, fossil hunting and rock pooling by the Seven Sisters, and even cuddling baby lambs. Before dinner one evening we went for a walk along the seafront and pier in Eastbourne.

17 thoughts on “Those fleeting moments you grasp”

  1. Oh. This is just beautiful. The photographs are stunning, so full of life, and the words are wonderful, and very wise. It’s tough letting go, but something we must do. My eldest is almost ten, and he now seems so grown up (most of the time!), it’s really giving me pause. Bittersweet. Thank you so much fir sharing with #ThePrompt x

  2. What a gorgeous post with beautiful pictures. I could very much empathise as a fellow mother of an eight year old. He is so himself these days and I’m starting to see glimpses of the man he will be along with a knowledge that he will one day ‘fly away’. #Theprompt

  3. Such lovely words and amazing photos too. I love the analogy with dancing, captured so well in your writing as well as your photography #theprompt

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