Shadmoor – War and Bluffs

Shadmoor Montauk war and bluffs

Where the glaciers once stopped are ocean bluffs in a place called Shadmoor. Near Montauk.

Shadbush in Shadmoor Nature Reserve
Shadbush blossom

A nature preserve named after the Shadbush.

In 1898 over 21,000 soldiers were brought to Camp Wikoff – which was part of this land – to prevent the spread of yellow fever and tropical diseases at the end of the Spanish-American War.

Path in Shadmoor, Montauk
Roosevelt's Run Trail Shadmoor State Park

Now there’s a running trail named after Theodore Roosevelt who was also quarantined here with his Rough Riders.

Trail to WW2 bunker in Shadmoor
World War 2 bunker

There are also hiking trails that lead to two World War II bunkers. Once observation posts to coordinate with the sixteen-inch guns located at the former Montauk Point military base nearby. 

Nails and bolts in Shadmoor bunker
Shadmoor Montauk bluff path

Running or hiking or just a perfect family day out. 

Especially to admire the panoramic views. For one side of Shadmoore’s 99 acres is lined with ocean bluffs. The hard and soft layers forming hoodoos.

ocean bluffs in Shadmoor Nature Preserve
Shadmoor Montauk beach below cliff

Best places to visit outdoors in Montauk

I have details on how to find Shadmoor at the bottom of this post – but if you’re in the Montauk area I have some great suggestions for other walks and hikes which I’ve written about in these following posts.

For an amazing natural wonder and hike head to the Walking Dunes where the sand moves over forests. If you’re into paranormal stories and conspiracies then explore Camp Hero.   In the winter watch the wildlife up close at this Seal Haul Out Site. And don’t miss out on the view and museum at the Montauk Lighthouse.

Bunkers with a view

Dog on bluff in Shadmoor State Park

Nearly the location of ocean view homes until at the last moment it was saved as a national park. The bunkers preserved as part of this coastline’s military history.

homes on nearby bluff Montauk
Shrubs in front of bunker

A nature preserve where an extremely rare and endangered plant – Sandplain Gerardia – has flowers which only bloom one day per year.

Shadmoor Montauk trails

And so we had a wonderful family visit. Where we found trails to run….

plants and ocean bluffs…

blooms in Shadmoor State Park
beach and ocean bluff Montauk
bunker on hill in Shadmoor Park

and war bunkers of yesteryear.

Shadmoor State Park in Montauk

A large sign marks the entrance of Shadmoor State Park on the south side of Montauk Highway about a quarter mile east of Montauk village in the Hamptons.  There is a kiosk with trail pamphlets as well as a sign explaining about its history as part of Camp Wikoff.  You need to keep to the marked paths in Shadmoor as there are ticks and poison ivy in the long grass and bushes.

The trails lead to both of the World War Two observation bunkers as well as along the top of the ocean bluffs. Here is a PDF of the NY State trail map for Shadmoor.

You might have noticed that my kids are wearing rain boots despite the sunshine during their hike along the Shadmoor nature trails. Since they have a habit of running a bit off track more often not I make them wear them to protect their feet from bugs and such like in the long grass. But there are huge benefits for kids going on nature walks!

11 thoughts on “Shadmoor – War and Bluffs”

  1. Love the photos of Theo and Lucy running along the trails! It’s still strange to me to have to worry so much about ticks, and I suspect the kids would recognise poison ivy before I did! It looks stunning there, quite desolate in some ways with the abandoned bunkers. Another great find 🙂

  2. We always watch out for ticks – the British Mum in me makes them always wear wellington boots or some sort of tall/rain boots no matter the weather – and with the warmer weather we now use Permethrin on clothes and boots. If I’m worried that they’ve veered off the path and might get ticks I put their clothes straight in the wash machine and check them at bath time. So far we’ve always been fine and we wander everywhere in the countryside as you know!!
    I’m careful and check myself too as often I’m in the bushes taking photos!

  3. It’s so lovely where you live. No wonder you guys are always out and about. We would be too, if we lived there, though it’s also beautiful here, landscape is different and it seems warmer there too. I could be wrong of course! 😉 #CountryKids.

  4. Another great day out, the area around you looks do lovely. We’ve had some experiences with ticks, both times picked up from walking in Scotland. My other half somehow got one under his watch strap, and my son got one on the back of his head. Makes me paranoid now!

  5. What an extraordinary place to visit. I love the history and the fact that you can see evidence of this with the bunkers. Beautiful views and rare plants all make for a great place to explore. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. Oh wow Kriss what an awesome place to visit! Fascinating history and wonderful photographs too. The scenery is incredible but I do love the photos of Theo and Luce running along though 🙂

  7. What a wonderfully calm and peaceful location, the photos show such glorious plant life and it certainly looks like you all had fun. How great to also find those abandoned WW2 buildings, a little bit of history thrown in for good measure.

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