Unexpected and expected

unexpected expected stormWe had a call in the Spring of 2012 that was unexpected. I soon moved with my twins from the UK to the US and became a Mom rather than a Mum.

I spent a summer walking while my kids scooted in national parks. My children fell in love with their older cousins. That was expected.

I moved into a bungalow with a view of the water and a hurricane arrived a fortnight later. That was unexpected. deer duskI watched the waves during the day and deer pass by at dusk every night while I waited nine months for my husband to get his green card. That was unexpected.

I taught myself how to design a blog. I became rather obsessive. Pre-wrote posts and took down construction mode on April 25, 2013. That was expected. beach walkmaking wishsunset and theoI went on long walks with Luce and Theo while the seasons changed. All three of us happy to be outside. That was expected.

I knew about Mum/Mom bloggers only as statistics. Then I heard their amazing voices and discovered so many wonderful blogs. That was unexpected. path osprey nestAnd whether here or over there will keep exploring the world of nature with Luce, Theo, and my camera. That was expected.

13 thoughts on “Unexpected and expected”

  1. our photos are always amazing! Great post, I keep meaning to read your Google+ posts as I I’m not on it (shock horror) and have no clue. Bit scared actually of the extra work involved #toobusyasitis lol x

    1. Thank you Carolynne for your lovely comments. If you do decide to jump aboard G+ just throw me any questions if you need help!

  2. Loved reading this. Such a mixture of lovely expected happenings and then surprises. This blogging world is fab, and unexpected for me, too. Hope the new linky goes well! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. This is a wonderful post Kriss, it’s interesting how life throws the expected and unexpected at us in equal measure. And how embracing the unexpected can bring amazing things! Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  4. Great list of expected and unexpected things. Sometimes, the best times in our lives are the unexpected ones. Gorgeous photography. Mel #ThePrompt

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