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Let nature be your teacher.”

William Wordsworth

I started writing my blog in 2013 after we moved from London to the Hamptons in New York State for two years. On our return to England we lived in a farmhouse in West Sussex in the middle of a thousand acre nature reserve. We’re now based in an old farmhouse in the Algarve countryside near the south coast of Portugal.

I soon found myself focusing on recording, identifying and photographing the flora and fauna of where I lived and visited.

Since my twins were toddlers – they’re now teenagers – I’ve been on a quest to inspire and teach my children about nature. I want them to find happiness and balance in a technological world by enjoying the wild outdoors.  I explain why it’s so important for children’s health and wellbeing in the Benefits of a Nature Walk as well as in Let them climb trees.

Find in Wild About Here’s blog…

Botanical tales, nature adventures with kids, beaches and gardens plus popular posts on why some say ma, mum, mom or mam or a very cool way for kids to compare planet sizes.

Nature Diary – Here you can find posts where I observe, photograph and write about the different seasons including wild flowers, wildlife and gardens. I try to continue with an old tradition of recording nature where I live. I also have a growing collection of new and vintage nature books I love to share.

Wild Kids – Ideas and adventures to encourage children to learn about nature and be outdoors. In ‘outdoor adventures’ wild-time activities includes scavenger hunts, how to build an awesome den or different types of ‘just a walk’.  As young naturaliststhey learn about the wonders and importance of nature, wildlife and plants, such as in 10 fun facts or in tree hugging an ancient. As wildlife detectives they discover about wildlife in their natural habitats, such as following a badger path or going on a night-time salamander hunt or using their Lego to make bird feeders in how to have fun bird watching.

Travel Diary – Botanical stories as well as travel and floral photography of gardens, nature reserves, houses, hotels and historic sites to explore in the UK, USA…and soon with new posts on Portugal. A favourite place of mine is the wild and strange Dungeness, as illustrated in Derek Jarman’s Garden.

Paradise haunts gardens, and some gardens are paradises. Mine is one of them”

Derek Jarman

The Hamptons, NY, USA – Many just view the Hamptons as the summer playground of the wealthy and celebrities, but it has amazing nature trails where entire sand dunes walk across forests, seals rest near to where surfers ride and a park with tales of aliens and parallel dimensions! My posts also include outdoor activities for kids all year round such as where to go sledding or skating or beachcombing.

DISCLOSURE: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” I sometimes earn a small affiliate commission on sales of Amazon products I link to in my BLOG posts. I only feature items I recommend and want to share with you.

IMAGE CREDITS: I own the copyright on all images (unless otherwise noted). If you have any questions or would like permission to use them then contact me first. Any printables in a blog post can be used for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only….in other words they’re available for personal use only.

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